As you may know, marketing your business can be challenging! It’s critically important to have quality marketing materials and to know what format will reach your target market. At Lees Printing in the Kansas City area, we understand the techniques and technologies to affordably use print advertising to increase your business. 

Anymore, simply relying on your website alone, or through networking with known acquaintances is not enough. You want your marketing materials to be competitively priced and of excellent quality. 

Here are a few options of print for marketing materials:

  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Fliers
  • Booklets

Posters can be very helpful tools for marketing your business or service. Compared to individual handouts, these can prove to be very cost effective. In many instances, posters are an excellent way to get your message out whether you are preparing for a convention, seminar, restaurant menu or other gathering.

Brochures can give a very condensed message for many purposes. Especially with full-color, a high-quality brochure can keep large quantities of information organized in an easy to read format. Create a custom size based on your specifications to meet your needs.

Fliers are a marketing staple able to have any design print on various shapes and sizes. Creativity is open to using round, oval, traditional rectangle, or anything you might desire. For your flyer, either cardstock or durable paper is available.

Booklets allow for more information, detailing a description of your product, service or business. With custom sizing available, you can even use a booklet to self-publish a book. Many options of printing make booklets ideal for a wide variety of purposes.

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